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Eyebrow price list

Eyebrow styling
    • Architecture (Geometry)
75 Fr.-

        incl. Regulation / Color / Lamination

    • Architecture (Geometry)
50 Fr.-

        incl. Regulation / Lamination

    • Architecture (Geometry)
45 Fr.-

        incl. Regulation / Color

    • Architecture (Geometry)
20 Fr.-

        incl. Regulation

    • Lamination / Regulation
35 Fr.-
    • Color / Regulation
35 Fr.-
    • Lamination
30 Fr.-
    • Color
30 Fr.-
Eyebrow styling description

Architecture, geometry (with regulation)

This procedure consists of selecting and determining the appropriate shape of the eyebrow for the client's face.

The lamination

Is an advanced form of styling.
It enables you to: Organize and change the direction of unruly growing hair.
It strengthens them and regenerates the hair structure.
✅ We do not laminate more often than every 6-7 weeks

Thuya dyes

They enable us to choose the right color for our complexion or hair color. They are intended for men and women who care about the natural coloring effect, remember that the colors are used to color the bristles. The delicate shade that remains after dyeing is a side effect and will wash off after a few days. Therefore, they are not suitable for people who expect to be colored "on the skin".
✅ We do not dye more often than every 4-5 weeks.

In addition to color properties, they also have caring properties:
1. Argan oil
2. Keratin
3. Aloe

• Argan oil penetrates the hair pores and improves their elasticity and flexibility. It nourishes the hair follicles in the growth phase, protects against excessive moisture, which in turn restores the shine of the hair. It also has cosmetic properties: it contains natural antioxidants, maintains the natural moisture balance, slows down the aging process of the hair, strengthens and nourishes the eyebrows.
• Keratin is the main building block of hair. The purpose of the paint is to strengthen and rebuild it.
• Aloes are calming, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory.

✅ Before carrying out the service, the customer receives a supplementary treatment card, which contains a lot of information about the treatment as well as all the contraindications. On the other hand, he comes home with a card with information on eyebrow care and a brush.
• If the customer has never had stains / henna etc. before the planned visit. has been asked to perform an allergy test at my salon. At least 24 hours in advance.