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Status , 9230 Flawil SG

§ 1. General rules

By using the service provided at LADY OF SHINE Sara Zięba - Babiak,
means accepting the rules without having to sign it.

§ 2. Rules regarding minors

Minors may use the salon offer only with the knowledge and consent of their parents or legal guardians,
who take full responsibility for them by signing a statement or visiting them.

§ 3. Rules regarding children

The salon is not responsible for children.
Parents or their legal guardians are responsible for any damage or destruction caused by children.

§ 4. Term booking

The date can be booked through: SMS / Whatsapp or Facebook / Instagram
and on our website

§ 5. Reservation confirmation

We will send an reminder and confirmation message one day before the appointment,
if there no confirmation message return, the appointment will be cancelled.

§ 6. Query

During the first meeting, each client receives a survey to complete.
(I will not be able to provide the service without it)

§ 7. Punctuality

We arrive on time, punctually,
up to 5 minutes earlier or 5 minutes later.

§ 8. Resignation from the agreed Term

The client is obliged to inform about any delay or absence in one day in advance,
and in unpredictable situations at least a few hours.
In the event of a delay of more than 15 minutes, I can not guarantee that the procedure will be done in full.

§ 9. Failure to appear on appointment without providing Information

If the Customer fails to make an appointment two times and then will making another appointment he will be asked to make an advance payment, 50% of the regular price,
which is forfeited when he again fails to appear on the agreed date.

§ 10. Services

The customer is obliged to pay for the cosmetic services provided.
The Price list of treatments is posted in the salon and available on our website:

§ 11. Complaints

The customer has the right to lodge a complaint regarding the way the Procedure was performed or its effects,
within 7 days of its implementation.

§ 12. Sterility

All tools are disinfected and sterilized in a class B autoclave.
At each customer visit, a package with safe tools will be opened.

§ 13. Materials

Each service is carried out using single use materials:
Cotton buds, wooden sticks, nail file, polisher, paper towels, pads and bags for pedicures.

§ 14. Disinfection

Flat surfaces and other elements of salon equipment,
with which the client has direct contact during the treatment,
are disinfected after each service.

§ 15. Customer right

Every customer has the right to view the regulations,
price list and certificates referenced in the salon.

§ 16. Illness or colds

Customers who are sick or have a cold will not be served. If you are sick or have a cold, please change the date to another one.
The reason for this is hygiene and cleanliness in the salon, which is our priority.

§ 17. Updates

We reserve the right to update our rules at any time and to adapt new legal requirements.
This rule was last amended on 16.02.2020

* Each paid service is supported by a receipt/invoice.

* In the salon is allowed to pay by credit card, cash and gift vouchers from LADY OF SHINE.
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